How Likely Are You to Transmit Herpes?

Are Cold Sores Contagious?

Herpes – There are many myths and misconceptions about cold sores. Once you come to know that these are the symptoms of oral herpes, you start getting worried about how it can affect your life. However, it is notable that 1 in 4 people in the United States is affected by the herpes simplex virus.

This means that most adults in the country have ringworm and there is nothing to worry about. Herpes is not a big deal for most people.

What Is Ringworm and How Do You Get It?

Herpes is a sexually transmitted infection caused by the herpes simplex virus. The virus is classified into two types – HSV 1 and HSV 2 which are responsible for oral and genital herpes respectively. The virus can be transmitted through direct physical contact or through body fluids such as saliva and semen.


It is worth noting that the infection is most contagious when a person has cold sores. HSV 1 can be transmitted through kissing or oral sex in addition to vaginal and anal sex. Sharing towels, toothbrushes and utensils with an infected person can also spread the virus.

Ringworm infection can be asymptomatic in nature. This means that a person infected with the herpes simplex virus will never know that he or she is carrying the virus.

On the other hand, if the infection is symptomatic, you may experience an outbreak characterized by blisters and cold sores accompanied by burning and itching.

What Triggers Herpes Outbreak?

Shingles outbreaks are usually caused by changes in your immune system. Hormonal changes in the body as well as stress can also cause herpes outbreaks. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight is also believed to be one of the culprits.


How Can You Avoid Spreading the Infection?

Preventing the spread of asymptomatic herpes is extremely difficult. On the other hand, if you experience herpes symptoms such as cold sores and blisters, it is advised that you do not touch another person and stay away from exchange of body fluids.

Ringworm infection is very easy to spread. Hence, it is necessary that you follow adequate precautions while interacting with others.

Can You Get Genital Herpes From Oral Herpes?

Having HSV-1 does not make you immune to HSV-2 and vice versa. An outbreak in one part of the body does not prevent it from spreading to another part. You can transfer oral infections to the genitals by touching your mouth or if you have oral sex.


However, this is not very common. According to statistics, only 10 percent of the population with herpes is infected with both forms of the virus.

Overall, herpes is contagious whether you have any symptoms or not. Since there’s no cure, once you’re infected, you have it forever.

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