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Tips To Grow Hair Faster And Naturally

Hair Loss Prevention 

Hair Loss Prevention – Many people don’t like to discuss it, and perhaps few would like to face it but the reality is that most women and men start losing some of their hair as they get older.

Thinning hair is not just a men’s problem. About half the women will be affected by this problem. That’s why it’s important to learn everything you can about hair loss prevention.

What is the reason for thinning hair?

Androgenetic alopecia is the leading cause of hair thinning and baldness in both women and men. This condition is often called male or female pattern baldness. It affects men and women differently.

Men will usually lose their hair in a specific pattern (hence the nickname). They will have a receding hairline at first. They may eventually lose all or most of the hair on the top of their head.

The only remaining strands will be on the lower back or sides of their head.Women will notice that their strands are getting thinner around their heads. They will rarely go bald.

Researchers believe that men and women with this condition have abnormally high levels of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in their bodies. DHT prevents follicles from getting the nutrition they need, causing them to shrink and eventually disappear.

Without follicles, hair will fall out and new strands will not be able to grow. Hair loss prevention for this condition involves the use of treatments that block the production of DHT.

Scalp Massages

Your hair loss prevention routine should include daily scalp massage. This will increase the blood flow to your scalp which will help ensure that your hair is getting nutrients from your body. As blood travels to your head, it brings vitamins and nutrients with it. Every morning, massage your scalp for about 10 minutes.

Hair Loss Prevention With Herbs

Herbs such as saw palmetto, rosemary, and nettle root extract are an important part of hair loss prevention for people with androgenetic alopecia. They block the production of DHT.

It is very important for you to start treatment for your thinning hair as soon as you notice that your hair is getting thinner. This will greatly increase the chances of your strands growing back.

If the follicles sit there for too long without a strand, the follicles will lose their ability to function and hair loss will become permanent.

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