5 Ways To Refresh Your Environment & Boost Your Energy

Boost Your Energy – As the end of the year quickly approaches, there has never been a better time to assess your current status. You may want to consider goals in your career, finances, family or health – but there is no better place to start than in your environment.

Your physical environment can include your home, workplace, or even your car. Anywhere you spend a lot of time with – or see on a daily basis – is a good place to start.

Studies show that our physical environment can have a profound effect on our overall well-being and even our mental health. Clean, neat and clutter-free spaces are more likely to help us stay healthy and motivated. But where do you start?

Boost Your Energy

With our five simple yet effective tips below, you can freshen up your environment, boost your energy, and even feel healthier to usher in the new year or busy festive period !


Cleansing is a great first step to feeling fresh and alive. Whether you clean yourself in a day, room by room over the course of a week, or even hiring a professional, this is the best way to start.

Once you’ve cleaned up, and made your space more clean and fresh, you can also consider how you’re going to maintain it in the future. For example, now is probably a good time to create a cleaning routine or to-do list.

You’d be surprised how much you can change the look of a room in just ten minutes a day. You may also notice improvements in certain health conditions such as respiratory problems and skin complaints that are aggravated by dust or dirt. Even regular carpet cleaning can contribute to better health by removing the most common evils from the home.


Once your space is clean and fresh, a good next step is to remove everything you no longer need or use. Some people also choose to start with this step, and then clean up what’s left. choice is yours!

Start by first considering what you definitely use or value. Afterwards, it should be easy to discard what’s left. You can sell, donate, or give away your items, or recycle those that are no longer fit for use.

Experts and psychologists have noted that clear and well-organized spaces can contribute to less stress and clearer thinking. If you regularly feel overwhelmed, perhaps removing a few extra items and possessions can be a great way to feel more refreshed.



Are there items in your home or workplace that you are afraid to use? Perhaps you know they are slow, ineffective, or prone to malfunction and that using them is always time consuming. It’s time to change them!

Instead of putting up with items that work but cause you stress with each use, consider donating or getting rid of problematic items and replacing or upgrading them.

Many people don’t realize that losing minutes each day on simple tasks or issues adds up to both time and stress levels over time. Any way you can save yourself time and hassle by investing in equipment, tools or other items that support the flow of your daily tasks. Second hand used ones can also be an excellent choice to keep costs down.


An often overlooked tip to feel fresh and energized is to reorganize your space. This can be as big or as small a task as you like, depending on your time and energy levels, and whether or not you need someone else to assist you.

Perhaps your desk would benefit from more natural light, for example, or you’d like to try a seat or sofa in a different position. Equally, you may simply want to change the layout of your desk, or move a filing cabinet to be within easy reach.

Start by assessing your daily habits, routines and needs, and then organize your space in a way that supports it. This will maximize your energy and efficiency, and help you feel that everything is in flow and that you have less resistance from the environment.

Refresh: Try something new

You can make your space feel different by trying something new. In a physical sense, this might include a different style of decor or scent, for example, but it doesn’t have to stop there. You can make your environment feel fresher by taking up a new hobby, making a dietary change such as trying a plant-based lifestyle, or completely changing routines and schedules.